Monday, 5 January 2015


Hi Guys

Today I am going to share a story that I had to write for my english class. It isn't very long don't worry. Hope you enjoy. I would also really like it if you left your thoughts in the comments.


 I found myself in a dimly lit box with opaque glass. I was tied up by tight metal chains, which were secured by a huge golden lock. I stared at my pale refection in the glass. “Alice Elizabeth Browning. What did you do this time?”. 
My jet black hair was swept back into a small bun on the top of my head with one loose curl hanging over my face. I was wearing a beautiful red and gold dress which made me look like I was going to a wedding. I would have looked stunning had it not been for the chains wrapped around me so tight, I was struggling for air. I could only move my hands, yet even that was a struggle.
“Are you okay?” said that all too familiar voice. I was tempted to snap back some clever comeback but instead I was a good girl and held my tongue. 
Instead I replied, through gritted teeth “Yes, everything’s fine.”
“After I pull this curtain you have got 5 minutes to escape” Wait what did he just say? 5 minutes, more like 5 hours, I’m not superwoman!
“Oh and one last thing there’s going to be water.” He added with a gleeful manner. He pulled the thick, dark velvet curtain, so no one could see or hear me or anything I was doing.

The water started to trickle in, by the first 30 seconds the water was already half a foot deep. I started to scream and holler but no one heard me. My hands were shaking, I have been scared of water since seeing ‘Titanic’ when I was 5. It is enough to scare any child of that age. I just remember thinking that drowning seems an incredibly slow and painful way to die or even live through and if the unsinkable ship can sink, what stops everything else from sinking?

I looked back at the water remembering it is still rising, I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign up to a suicide mission! In case you can’t already tell, I am a magician’s assistant. I feel like this is impossible to do but I do trust him and he said that he would place the key inside the box. 
“Now, where is it?” I thought to myself. I looked around moving my head as far round as it would go without the chains digging into my skin. I squeal in excitement. There it is, just above the water which is now at my waist. Just a bit more to the left. 
“NO!” I shout, it is too far for me to reach. I want to scream and shout and kick and punch my way out of this stupid tank but every time I even try to move my feet I end up losing my balance.

I go to my last resort “Help, Please.” I was bawling in desperation, seriously can’t someone hear? I stood there waiting upon my impending doom.

I had my head just above the water when I started to think about why I was in this mess in the first place. I think about how right now I should be in the French countryside with Jamie Smith on our honeymoon with me being Mrs Alice Smith. That would be perfectly horrid. Jamie is the shallowest person you could ever wish to meet, in fact he is so shallow you wouldn’t even want him in your nightmares. I don’t even want to think of what it would be like to be his wife but in my family it is tradition to marry who our parents choose. I mean we are in the 21st century, not the 19th century.

So instead of marrying that slime ball, I ran away to the circus because that it what it is like in every book, the main character runs from whatever trauma it is they are facing to go to the circus and ends up very happy and content with life. It seemed like such a good idea to start with, now I am not so sure. Maybe, just maybe my mother was right and maybe I should have listened to her when she told me that this was a stupid idea because it turns out this isn't much of an escape after all.

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