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7/1/15 top 5 most anticipated books of 2015

Hi Guys

Today I am doing my top 5 most anticipated books of 2015. I will start by saying most of these are sequels as I don't really look at other books to be released.

1. Dangerous deception by Kami Garcia and Marget Stohl
Release date: 19/5/15
I am most excited about this book because the first book ended on the worst cliffhanger humanly possible, where it was implied that something awful ( no spoilers) had happened. So I have to know what happens next.

2. Half wild by Sally Green
Release date : 24/3/15
I read the first book late last year after being recommended it by a friend and it was so good. I can't wait to get back into the seires.

3. The last time we said goodbye by Cynthia Hand
Release date : 17/2/15
I radomly found this on good read and I thought it sounded like a good stand alone contemporary.

4. Heartless by Cornelia Funke
Release date: 20/2/15 (in Germany)
There is currently no release date for this book in English but I believe it is coming out this year. I have got 2 reasons for wanting this book 1) it is by by my favourite author 2) it is the final book in my favourite seires.

5. I am not really anticipating any other books this year. Sorry

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