Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book collectors tag

Hi Guys

Today I am doing my first book tag. I have not been tagged but I am doing this anyway.

How many books do you own?
I own around 150 books. Woah that's a lot.

How long has it taken to accumulate your collection?
Some of my books I have had since I was 3 but I probably started really getting into books 4 years ago, so I have accumulated my collection in 4 year

How often do you buy books?
I probably buy around three a month but I am not allowed to buy any books in November or December as I get a lot for Christmas.

How do you arrange your books?
My book are in alphabetical order and then if I have more then one book by the same author, I organise it in year published.

What was the first book you can remember buying?
One of the first books I remember buying is 'I'd tell you I loved you but then I would have to kill you' by Ally Carter.

What was the last book that you purchased?
The last book I purchased was 'boy meets boy' by David Levithan.

What is the longest book you own?
The longest book I own is 'The Deathly hallow' by J.K Rowling.

What is the shortest book you own?
The shortest book I own is 'Of Mice and Men' by John Stienbeck 

Everybody who wants to do this tag.

Let me know if you do this tag in the comments.

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