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The Savages by Matt Whyman : Book Review

The Savages by Matt Whyman
Publication date: June 6th 2013
Published by: Hot Key Books
Genres: Ya, Horror

They'd love to have you for dinner . . .

Sasha Savage is in love with Jack - a handsome, charming ... vegetarian. Which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that Sasha's family are very much 'carnivorous'. Behind the family facade all is not as it seems. Sasha's father rules his clan with an iron fist and her mother's culinary skills are getting more adventurous by the day. When a too-curious private detective starts to dig for truths, the tight-knit family starts to unravel - as does their sinister taste in human beings . . .

My Thoughts
I have wanted to read this book for a couple of years ow, so when I got it on Christmas I was super excited. From the review I had read I had got the impression that this was a very thought provoking book that made you wonder whether eating animals was any worse then eating people. Unfortunately that is not wha this book is about.

All the characters are quite psychopathic with a slight exception of Oleg but that could just be because he is less featured in the book. There were points where characters train of thought would really creep me out particularly Iva, Sasha's brother. I thought that Sasha's character was a bit pathetic, letting Jack treat her like that.

The plot was okay, my favourite parts where the points that involved Vernon. I thought he was a nice non-psychopathic character. The parts that involved Russia in the World War were also quite interesting but otherwise super disturbing.

In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone because it was super disturbing but not disturbing enough to really scare you. The plot wasn't great and the characters were weak. I'm giving this book 2/5 stars.

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