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My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher : Review

My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher 
Published by: March 1st 2011
Publication date: Orion's Children's books
Genres: YA, Contemporary

Ten-year-old Jamie Matthews has just moved to the Lake District with his Dad and his teenage sister, Jasmine for a 'Fresh New Start'. Five years ago his sister's twin, Rose, was blown up by a terrorist bomb. His parents are wrecked by their grief, Jasmine turns to piercing, pink hair and stops eating. The family falls apart. But Jamie hasn't cried in all that time. To him Rose is just a distant memory. Jamie is far more interested in his cat, Roger, his birthday Spiderman T-shirt, and in keeping his new friend Sunya a secret from his dad. And in his deep longing and unshakeable belief that his Mum will come back to the family she walked out on months ago. When he sees a TV advert for a talent show, he feels certain that this will change everything and bring them all back together once and for all.

My Thoughts
At school we are doing this Carnegie award project and we were given a book of books that had been nominated or were nominated for this year. When the teacher pulled this book out I knew I had to read it as I had read Annabel's other book 'Ketchup Cloud' and loved it.

The first thing I love about this book is the topic. 9/11 was a very tragic event and quite a touchy subject because of the amount of lives that were lost because of it, so there are very few books about it but personally I find books like this one very interesting. The main thing that is so compelling about this book is how one of the characters is quite often racist towards Muslims and its intriguing to understand why they act like that. 

Annabel really knows how to write an emotional book. I found myself crying about a cat and I don't cry a lot at books. The whole thing pulled on the heart strings. I thought she captured the age of Jamie great because we all know how much underaging irritates me. He made wrong decision because that was what he was brought up like, he had not yet fully developed opinions of his own but they were kind of there.

In conclusion it was great and everyone should read it. I'm giving it 5/5. 

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