Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Present Ideas

Hi guys,

It's officially Christmas, so I decided to write a post on gift ideas. Hope this help anyone struggling for any gift ideas.

Book sets
I always ask for these for Christmas, especially if I've watched the films or borrowed the first one from the library. If you don't know what box set to get someone stick to popular YA books such as 'The Hunger Games' or 'Divergent'

Quotes Typography
You tend to be able to get these off websites like Etsy but you can find some in stores. Either go for a quote from a book they love, a popular quote from a book or a quote about books. My personal favourite is  'Do you suppose she is a wild flower' from Alice in Wonderland.

My best friend is an avid writer or otherwise known as a notebook hoarder, she must have over 50 not filled notebooks but you can never have too many right. I personally love the notebooks in paperchase, they have a really wide variety.

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